Saturday, October 5, 2019

AFA event Alm3a8en Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

AFA event Alm3a8en - Essay Example This is important in facilitation of ease of communication. Such auxiliary aids are always given even to the deaf to ease communication. Some of these aids involve the use of interpreters as well as other hearing devices. These include the captions, text telephone systems as well as assistive learning systems. These auxiliary aids as well as the interpreters are always offered to the disabled people free of charge. Some of the accommodation and public access facilities offered by ADA to the people with disabilities include the lodgings as well as health and exercise business areas. These include places like hotels, public conferences as well as entertainment rooms. ADA ensures that the charter bus services cater for the disabled persons through allowing for accessible buses. In addition, it liaises with the insurance companies provide the persons with disabilities with automobile insurances. ADA serves to ensure that government avails the disabled persons with free auxiliary aids. In addition, it ensures that the government agencies provide the disabled with the necessary services. This is done regardless of any relationship that may exist between the individual and the people with disabilities. ADA always ensures that employers provide necessary accommodation services to employees whenever they are declared disabled. The employer may do the declaration of disability on an employee anytime. This may be very beneficial to the disabled employee as well as the employer. This is because the employer may get federal tax credit as well as federal tax deduction from the government following such decisions involving helping the disabled

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