Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Managing services and Experiences Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Managing services and Experiences - Assignment Example nvolves catering for the emotional aspect of product purchase, that is, providing a client with what they are not likely to achieve physically such as gifts, rewards and discounts. Nando’s is home to the legendary flame-grilled peri-peri chicken. Born of humble beginnings in Johannesburg in 1987, the restaurant boasts of the yummiest chicken you will ever taste. My visit to the restaurant was a moment I will live to cherish for a longer period in my life. The experience was not only awe-inspiring but full of lessons i would never have learnt elsewhere. Right from the moment I set foot, the atmosphere is inviting, the receptionists welcoming, and the view, exquisite. The restaurant is not only elegant, the dà ©cor exquisite, the smell of delicacy invigorating but also has one of the best service-customer policies. At Nando’s I wanted to inquire a little more on what they do to attract classy customers, keep them satisfied but also highly maintain the standards of the place. I was lucky to learn a recipe of the famous â€Å"peri-peri† chicken, grab a meal and also keep the menu. Other than that, I learned that the management was reputable, courteous and equally hospitable. This is why the executive staff manager gave me a chance to learn (interview) from the restaurant. At the reception, I was directed to a vacant place and no sooner had I settled did I receive a copy of the menu and given time to make my choice before the maitre d’ returned to serve me. This, amongst other policies such as decency, respect and loyalty are some of the virtues that the restaurant prides in. Not only does the dining restaurant guarantee customer retention but also creates such a hospitable environment that makes you yearn for your next visit. Clearly the concept of CEM has well been absorbed into the business and its no doubt there will always be customers checking in. Thai massage is a spa that specializes in ancient-style massages. Developed in thailand, the business has

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