Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Importance of Matrifocal family in the caribbean Essay

The Matrifocal family Is very prominent in the Caribbean. This is noted more as among people of Africans in the regions. Reasons for this diversity, Cultural Retention, Plantation system of slavery, SOCIO economic and the culture of property. Cultural retention, Melville Herkevitts was one of the first researchers to trace the African Origin of the slaves who came to the Americans he believed that despite attempts to strip Africans slaves ot their cultural heritage the practice ot polygyny was retained from the practice. affected by bonding and closeness of mother and child because the husband/ father was somewhat marginal. This pattern remained in the Caribbean society especially about lower class people of African descent. Plantation system, there is the belief that the persistence of the Matrifocal family can be seen as a consequence of the plantation system of slavery, M. C. Smith wrote that under plantation slavery stables families were not given a chance to develop unions of whatever sort, were often broken up as slaves were sold. The unit of mother and child was less likely to be torn apart than a unit of man, woman and child, males were denied family rights which resulted in a system of female centeredness therefore became marginalise. Women now lead their families. It is a well-organized social group which represents a positive adaptauon to the circumstances of poverty. By not tying herself down to a husband. the mother is able to maintain causal relationships with a number of men who can provide her with financial support. The above Information shows that the Matrlfocal family can be regarded as a form of family structure in its own right. It is therefore Important because it shows that a woman doesnt need a man to take care of her and her family, she If fully cable of performing both tasks all by herself. so Matrltocal family Is very Important.

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