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Tale Of Two Cities Essays (787 words) - English-language Films

Tale Of Two Cities In the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities, Dr. Alexander Manette is a prisoner in the Bastille. This was in 1767. From this point it jumps to 1775. At this time Mr. Jarvis Lorry, good friend and banker of Manette, and Lucy Manette, daughter of Manette, are on their way to Paris. In Paris, they stop at the tavern owned by Madame Defarge. There they meet Madame and Monsignor Defarge. Monsignor Defarge took care of Dr. Manette after he was released from the Bastille. He takes Mr. Lorry and Lucy upstairs to where Dr. Manette was staying. Lucy meets her father for the first time. Dr. Manette is very disoriented from being imprisoned so long. The movie then jumps to 1780 in a London courtroom. In the courtroom Charles Darney is being tried for treason. Darney protected Manette on the ship back to London and now looks after Manette. Lucy is called to the stand and questioned. Then Barstad is called to the stand. Barstad is a mercenary who is trying to frame Darney. Darney's lawyer asks his counterpart, Sydney Carton, to stand up and take his wig off. Darney is found not guilty because Carton bears a striking resemblance to Darney. After the trial Darney and Carton meet in a tavern. Carton is extremely rude. It seems that Carton is jealous of Darney and Lucy. Meanwhile, back in Paris the Marquis Ste. Evermonde's carriage runs over and kills a young boy named Jacques. The Marquis Ste. Evermonde is Charles Darney's uncle, but Charles denounces him because of his evil methods. Later on that night, Gaspard, Jacques' father seeks revenge by climbing the wall and murdering the Marquis Ste. Evermonde. Later on in the movie, Gaspard is beheaded. Back in England, Darney tells Dr. Manette that he wants to marry Lucy. It seems that Carton is becoming more and more jealous. It appears that Barstad is dead. The buried a coffin in which people said he is in, but when Jerry Cruncher went grave-robbing to his coffin, all he found were rocks. Darney and Carton then go to the tavern. Barstad arrives in France and meets with Madame and Monsignor Defarge. Carton meets with Lucy Manette and seems to be plotting something. Carton talks with Darney about visiting him and Lucy whenever he wants to. Darney and Lucy get married. After the marriage, Dr. Manette has flashbacks for nine days of when he was in prison. Back in France it appears that there is going to be a Revolution. The French are revolting. First they throw the governor off of the wall, then Madame Defarge beheads him. They search 105 North Tower, which was Dr. Manette's cell. Carton says of France that it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Darney goes back to France and is imprisoned because he left the country and was an aristocrat. Dr. Manette hears about this and comes to rescue Darney. Soon after, Lucy, their child, and Jarvis Lorry go to Paris. Dr. Manette tells Lucy that Charles is summoned for trial the next day. At the trial, Dr. Manette defends Darney. Darney is freed by the tribunal. French citizens are not happy. Madame Defarge wants every last Ste. Evermonde dead. The citizens go after Darney and bring him to another trial. This time Darney is found guilty because of letters Dr. Manette wrote while imprisoned. These letters said that he wanted every Ste. Evermonde killed. Darney is denounced by Madame Defarge. After the trial, Madame Defarge goes back to where Lucy and her maid, Miss Pross were staying. Miss Pross and Madame Defarge get into a scuffle. Miss Pross accidentally shoots Madame Defarge. On the day when Darney is scheduled to be beheaded, Carton comes to visit Darney. Then Carton drugs Darney and Barstad drags Darney to the carriage. In one carriage was Dr.Manette and Lucy. In the other were Mr.Lorry and Miss Pross. When Darney reaches the carriage, Lucy remembers when Carton told her that he would do anything for her or for her love.Carton pretends he is Darney and ends up giving his life for Lucy. I have mixed feelings on this movie. I did not like the fact that it jumped around from city to city and year to year. I had trouble understanding the first half of the movie. But then, once I realized what was going on, I started to be more content with the film. I liked the movie because it shows how people

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An Edible History Of Humanity Essays - Food And Drink, Agriculture

An Edible History Of Humanity Essays - Food And Drink, Agriculture An Edible History Of Humanity 57169051905000For this assignment, first read the excerpts from Tom Standage's An Edible History of Humanity, available on Blackboard. Based on your reading, respond to the following questions. Your responses must be typed, in Calibri or Times New Roman size 12, and be in full sentences. While there is no set length limit, each response should clearly state and explain the answers. This assignment will be graded as Skills Demonstration. Date Due:_________________________________________________ Please attach this sheet to the front of your responses when you submit your assignment! Rubric Formatting: follows directions for assignment, completed thoroughly 5% Responses: Questions answered thoroughly and with reflection/supporting detail as needed. Reflects understanding of the questions and the reading 90% Grammar: clear, fluent language with few/no spelling or grammatical errors 5% The Invention of Farming Food as Technologies What does Standage mean when he says farmed land is as much a technological landscape as a biological one? Does farming spread from one point outward around the world? Where and when does it develop? The Man-Made Nature of Maize Standage highlights several differences between teosinte and maize. Describe those differences and how they benefitted farmers. How did early farmers change a natural process of selection into deliberate cultivation of specific traits? Based on Standage's explanation, do you thing farmed corn is natural? Cereal Innovation Explain how "tough rachis," a mutation undesirable for plant survival, benefitted early humans, and how it became the dominant trait in about 200 years. Why was domestication "bad" for plants like rice and wheat? Use examples in your answer. Explain what Standage describes as a trade-off in human domestication of animals, giving examples. Refer to the map on page 12. Based on what you know about early humans, what do you think explains why maize was domesticated so much later than wheat or rice? Roots of Modernity An Agricultural Mystery State what Standage calls the "most complex, and most important question in human history." Standage argues that farming was not a liberation from the "anxious hand-to-mouth existence of the hunter-gatherer." Do you agree with this assertion? Explain your rationale. The Origins of Farming Explain and analyze at least 3 contributing factors that led to the shift towards farming. Why was it impossible for humans to revert to a nomadic lifestyle? Did Farmers Spread, Or Did Farming Spread? Define demic and cultural diffusion. Describe the archaeological evidence of demic diffusion. Describe the linguistic evidence of cultural diffusion. How did the Khoisan of southern Africa transition from hunting and gathering to domestication? Why does Standage believe farming was a hybrid of both mechanisms? Man, An Agricultural Animal "Is man exploiting maize for his own purposes, or is maize exploiting man?" What does Standage mean by this? How did the transition to agriculture impact the foods we eat today? Focus on the last paragraph of page 27. Do you agree with the position Standage takes on the invention of farming? Explain your rationale, including examples from the text.

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How Disney Markets Nutrition to Children Research Paper

How Disney Markets Nutrition to Children - Research Paper Example Bob Chapek, the President appointed in September 2011, is responsible for the Disney Consumer Products (DCP) throughout the world. Furthermore, he oversees the Disney publishers and online shopping portals which is one of the largest of its kind in the world (Disney, 2012). In 2007, Jennifer Anopolsky, the Vice President of the company, announced that they are making changes in their nutritional products to remove added fats from the diets. Further, she said that it is their first move towards the commitment of a positive change in the long run (Disney, 2012). The paper will, thus, discuss the booming marketing strategies used by the company to promote their nutritional products among retail consumers. Discussion The first initiative Disney has taken is to include two experts: Dr. Keith Ayoob and Dr. Jim Hill. The former is the Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and the later is the Director of Human Nutrition Centre (Federal Trade Commission, 2007). They along with the compa ny’s experts introduced a dietary guideline that will provide health benefits to the people and children. The guideline included separate standards for main meals such as non-inclusion of snacks or dairy products, limited calories, sodium and sugar, and commitment to using zero grams added fat. Thus, the people around the world started feeling that the company is thinking about their health concerns such as obesity being one of the major problems. Furthermore, the company has implemented significant healthy options in their Disney Parks to attract children and families. Disney Parks and Resorts mostly consist of the Disney food products which are enjoyed by the families visiting those places. Therefore, the kid meals included standard ingredients that benefited the health of the children. Prior to the change, the default kids’ meal consisted of fries and soda compulsorily, whereas, at present, the compulsory inclusions will combine vegetables, fruits, juices and many m ore choices of healthier products (Bell & Winig, 2009). Snacks items by large are the most convenient consumable among the food items. However, it has been noticed that snacks have affected many people’s health who availed these items. The growing concern is that snacks items are available in each and every corner of a country due to its conveniences which are being consumed on a regular basis mostly by the office goers. Thus, Disney ensured that they include such varieties in their snacks portfolio which will be healthier and importantly will not increase obesity. Therefore, the company included large varieties of fruit carts and nutritious products such as nuts in their snacks. Furthermore, the company insisted on selling products directly to retailers. They created or designed products in their company but manufactured them through the licensing companies.

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War is Kind by Stephen Crane Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

War is Kind by Stephen Crane - Essay Example The poem ‘War is Kind’ is the use of sarcasm approach of the author to sway the mind of the readers to be critical of the war showing the reality. This reflects that the author has made a sarcastic approach to define the destructive events of the war, such as; the sarcastic approach of writing the poem creates a sense of confusion and provokes the mind of the readers. The phrases the poems are emotionally heavy to appeal the attention and emotion of readers (Crane). It provides a real picture of human emotions, describing the condition of mother’s feeling at the time of the death of his son then ending the stanza with ‘War is Kind’ provokes the mind of the readers to critically think about consequences of the war (Crane). Crane make use of the figurative language in the poem to create a strong visualization among its readers, such as the author makes use of ‘Mother whose heart hung humble as a button, on the bright splendid shroud of your son, do not weep. War is kind† (Crane line 23). This shows that the author shares the pain of the mother’s heart and at the same time says War is kind (Crane). He makes use of ‘heart hung humble as a button’ to explain the feeling of a mother at the time of the death his son. In addition, the author has also related the courage of solider with the animal accordi ng to their glory and characteristics. The second stanza of the poem ‘glory’ is associated with the bird characteristics, as the phrases portray that glory fly, but the glory cannot fly (Crane). This creates a sense that the ‘glory’ is associated with a flying bird, such as a falcon or eagle. The metaphor is to associate the glory with the bird to demonstrate soldiers (Crane). The metaphor in the stanza of the poem relates more solid with the eagle, demonstrating their courage and fearlessness (Crane). The use of the different figures, body organs and number spontaneously creates strong visualization among the mind of the readers  (Crane).  

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Description of four specific ways in which Neuman's HCSM could be used Dissertation

Description of four specific ways in which Neuman's HCSM could be used to improve nursing practice - Dissertation Example 242). The HCSM in Nursing Paradigms The field of nursing usually utilizes four paradigms or concepts in its practice, namely, the person or client, environment, health, and nursing itself. These concepts are defined in Neuman’s model, according to how it is applied in organizing the structure of the profession. As presented by Neuman and Fawcett, the client may be a person, family, group, or community, and there is the need for a clear definition of who are included in the client system and how they relate to other members (as cited in Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2010, p. 79). The client or client system is then viewed in five variables, which are the physiologic, psychologic, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual aspects. The environment is described as all internal and external factors that surround the client, while health is connected to both wellness and illness. Wellness is the client’s system to remain stable at any given time, and illness is the failure to ach ieve homeostasis in the presence of stressors. Nursing, on the other hand, is concerned with assessing the client in response to stressors, and assisting him to cope with them according to the three levels of prevention in order to achieve the optimum degree of wellness.

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Imaging Hypoxia in Glioblastoma Multiforme with PET

Imaging Hypoxia in Glioblastoma Multiforme with PET Hypoxia plays a crucial role in the progression of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) promoting angiogenesis, genetic mutations, switch to a more aggressive behaviour and ote important consequences. Many diagnostic methods have been investigated and today PET and MRI appear to be the more attractive for the evaluation of the heterogeneous hypoxia in GBM.(Mendichovszky and Jackson 2011, Vartanian, Singh et al. 2014) Hirata first documented the utility of hypoxic tracers ([18F]FMISO in this study) in patients with differentiating GBM from lower grade gliomas based on the level of tumour hypoxia.(Hirata, Terasaka et al. 2012) Hypoxia assessment by PET imaging seems to provide complementary information to MRI within the complex relationship existing between hypoxia and angiogenesis in GBM. This was confirmed in a study of Swanson et al, where the authors documented a strong correlation between the hypoxic burden, determined with [18F]FMISO, and altered vasculature documented on gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted MRI sequences.(Swanson, Chakraborty et al. 2009) As for other tumours, the prognostic capability of [18F]FMISO has been confirmed also in GBM, in a study evaluating the correlation between hypoxic volume, intensity of hypoxia an survival in 22 patients with GBM who underwent PET scan before biopsy or between resection and radiation therapy (RT).(Spence, Muzi et al. 2008) The heterogeneous distribution of hypoxia within GBM cannot be fully investigated by [18F]FMISO PET imaging, but the tumour–blood ratio provide acceptable data on the different levels of hypoxia within the tumour.(Padhani, Krohn et al. 2007) [18F]FAZA is another radiotracer tracer, which has showed promising results. The biggest study ever published, evaluating the utility of [18F]FAZA in 50 patients with different types of tumours, documented increased uptake of the tracer in all gliomas, with a tumour-to-background (T/B) ratio range of 1.9-15.6, which is higher compared to that of [18F]FMISO.(Postema, McEwan et al. 2009) However, as already said most of literature on the use of [18F]FAZA in the brain is based in preclinical setting (see Tab.X) According to the group of Wiebe, one important point in favour of [18F]FAZA for the evaluation of hypoxia in brain tumours is the absence of uptake in normal brain tissue, while [18F]FMISO shows, although limited, non-specific uptake in the brain.(Wiebe 2004) Recently, also Belloli and colleagues investigated the combined use of [18F]FAZA and [18F]FDG PET and MRI to follow the biological modification of specific line of glioma cells during the tumour progression in animal models of GBM (rats with implanted glioma F98 cells). The authors observed that [18F]FAZA and [18F]FDG were taken up respectively in the core and in external areas of the tumoyr, with partial overlap and remodelling during disease progression, suggesting that necrotic regions, defined on the basis of [18F]FDG uptake reduction, may include hypoxic clusters of vital tumour tissue identified with 18F]FAZA.(Belloli, Brioschi et al. 2013) BOLD-MRI is an advance MRI technique, particulary suitable for the evaluation of hypoxia, which evaluate the changes in oxygen concentration and ratio between oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin within vessels. In contrast to oxyhaemoglobin, deoxyhaemoglobin is paramagnetic and determines an increase of transverse relaxation rate (R2*) of water in blood and surrounding tissues.(Mendichovszky and Jackson 2011) Unfortunately BOLD-MRI signal is sensible also to other tissue factors, such as blood flow, carbon dioxide tension, haematocrit, pH. Decoupling the effects of flow from deoxyhaemoglobin and static components it is essential to measure R2* and be obtained using multi-echo GRE sequences.(Padhani, Krohn et al. 2007) T1-weighted oxygen-enhanced MRI (OE-MRI) has been proposed as an alternative imaging technique for the evaluation of hypoxia.(Zaharchuk, Busse et al. 2006) Dissolved oxygen in blood and plasma influences MRI signal by increasing the longitudinal relaxation rate of protons (R1). OE-MRI has already been employed in the evaluation of oxygen in healthy tissues and in tumours, but not in the evaluation of hypoxia in GBM, except in a preclinical study by Linnik et al. (Linnik, Scott et al. 2014) In an animal study, Wu et al. used a mechanically ventilation with 100% oxygen at the rate of 8 l/min to investigate hypoxia in brain of rats and showed close agreement between R2* and R1 changes in white and grey matter in response to oxygen inhalation.(Wu, Gao et al. 2012) In the study of Wu and colleagues, the T1 values decreased prominently in the cortical grey matter but also, with a lower extent, in the subcortical gray matter and in white matter, where the decrease was the least significant. Instead the T2 values showed an increase in response to the oxygen inhalation in all the regions examined in the following order: white matter>subcortical gray matter>cortical gray matter. Similarly, the T2* values increased with more evident change in the cortical gray matte and white matter and with a less extent in subcortical gray matter.(Wu, Gao et al. 2012) These observations support the use of oxygen-enhanced imaging as a biomarker for tumour oxygenation, although the relationship between the signal changes resulting from variations in dissolved oxygen pressure and true tumour hypoxaemia remain to be elucidated. DCE-MRI, using contrast agents of low molecular weight, has been proposed as an additional MRI method for identification and quantification of hypoxia in some types of tumour and some authors successfully demonstrated a correlation between perfusion parameters to oxygen tension. (Ceelen, Smeets et al. 2006) DCE-MRI parameters have been demonstrated also to indicate preoperatively areas with high hypoxia in glioma patients.In particularly Jensen et al. demonstrated that capillary transit time (tc) correlated with HIF-1 expression and VEGF expression in the histopathological examination of corresponding of active tumour regions. Other parameters, blood volume (Vb), capillary heterogeneity (a-1) and kep (washout rate) also showed a correlation with biomarkers of hypoxia.(Jensen, Mumert et al. 2014) O’ Connor, in a study evaluating ten patients with solid tumours, proposed that DCE may provide complementary information to OE-MRI regarding the tumour microenvironment, estimating lo cal perfusion and extracellular–extravascular volume,(OConnor, Naish et al. 2009) Subsequently, Linnik et al. validated the measurement of hypoxia validated OE-MRI using a murine glioma xenograft with histopathological confirmation. The study involved 5 patients, who underwent the same imaging protocol of the rats: OE-MRI and DCE-MRI and histological confirmation with reduced pimonidazole adducts and CD31 staining. Furthermore, the area under the curve (AUC) was also calculated for the R1 curve for OE-MRI and the gadolinium concentration curve for DCE-MRI. Whereas DCE-MRI did not relate to hypoxia in the xenograft model, the authors found a strong correlation between estimation of hypoxia by means OE-MRI and histology results, supporting further research to validate also the utility of OE-MRI in the evaluation of response to therapy and prediction of prognosis (Fig.).(Linnik, Scott et al. 2014) DWI-MRI instead has been used to clarify the mechanism of action of bevacizumab role, scanning patients with recurrent GBM before and after treatment with bevacizumab.(Rieger, Bahr et al. 2010) The mechanism of action of bevacizumab is still matter of debate. It is thought to produce damage to the endothelial cells, decreasing transport of nutrients and oxygen to the tumour cells,(Field, Jordan et al. 2014) but recently, it has been postulated an alternative theory: antiangiogenic therapy could stimulate a â€Å"vascular normalization†, which would allow improved chemotherapy delivery and radiation effects through enhanced oxygen delivery.(Jain 2005) The study showed that bevacizumab induced stroke-like lesions with diffusion restriction and corresponding ADC decrease in 13 out of 18 patients enrolled in the study. A biopsy, performed in ADC-decreased lesion in one patient, demonstrated and nuclear hypoxia with HIF-1ÃŽ ± up-regulation atypical necrosis but no tumour recurrence , supporting the hypothesis that bevacizumab-increases hypoxia in the tumour bed, expecially in case of prolonged treatment. Furthermore the imaging analysis revealed that regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) and regional cerebral blood volume (rCBV) were decreased in responders with diffusion restricted lesions.(Rieger, Bahr et al. 2010) Recently the effect of anti-angiogenic therapy has been investigated by a new technique, called vessel architectural imaging (VAI) which analyses the temporal shift in the MR signal estimating the vessel calibre and provides additional information about the microcirculation and oxygen saturation levels. From preliminary investigations, VAI seems to be a reliable MRI method to demonstrate the effect of anti-angiogenic therapy.(Emblem, Mouridsen et al. 2013) Other authors suggested AVOL, a measure of arteriovenous overlap (voxels with both arteriosus and venous perfusion characteristics), as index of abnormal tumour microvasculature and as indicator o f bevacizumab therapy efficacy.(LaViolette, Cohen et al. 2013) Barajas and colleagues (Barajas, Phillips et al. 2012) investigated histopathological and physiologic MRI features using diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI), dynamic susceptibility–weighted, and contrast enhanced perfusion imaging (DSC). Image-guided tissue specimens were taken from contrast enhanced (CE) and non-enhancing (NE) regions in GBM (93 CE and 26 NE regions from 51 patients with newly diagnosed GBM). The authors analysed variables of anatomic, imaging, and histopathological features (tumour score, cell density, proliferation, architectural disruption, hypoxia, and microvascular hyperplasia). Tissue samples from CE regions were found to have increased tumour score, cellular density, proliferation, and architectural disruption compared with NE regions.(Barajas, Phillips et al. 2012) MRI in the evaluation of perfusion Perfusion measurement of regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) has been proposed as a method for identifying angiogenically active tumours. Increased angiogenesis in high-grade gliomas is correlated with higher cerebral blood volume (CBV) after contrast administration with dynamic MRI, relative to contralateral normal white matter rCBF and tumour aggressiveness. (Provenzale, York et al. 2006, Gruner, Paamand et al. 2012) Also microvascular density (MVD) of tumour tissue has been shown to relate to tumour behaviour and prognosis. Furthermore it has been demonstrated that abnormalities in contrast agent recirculation provide independent information concerning the microcirculation and may be of value as surrogate markers in trials of antiangiogenic therapy.(Alan Jackson 2002) Early changes of rCBV, evaluated by MRI before and at weeks 1-2 and 3-4 during radiotherapy, can indicate response to treatment and correlate with survival [Cao]. Also Galban investigated the predictive impact of MRI in this setting, suggesting the use of voxel-by-voxel parametric response maps at 3 weeks after radiotherapy to predict overall survival.(Galban, Chenevert et al. 2009) Another MRI technique which has shown promises in the assessment of the tumour microvascular environment is susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI), which aims to underline the susceptibility differences between tissues. Liu et al. demonstrated that R2*values are significantly different between high-grade gliomas, low-grade gliomas, postulating that these differences may be related to the different content of deoxyhaemoglobin.(Liu, Liao et al. 2014)

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greek heros Essay -- essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are often a number of characteristics that can be used to describe characters through out literature. The classic mythological hero may be described as having the tragic Greek heroic personality. The tragic Greek heroic personality contains characteristics such as excellence (arà ªte), pride (hubris), blind recklessness (ate), and disastrous retribution (nemesis). Though most mythological heroes contain these qualities, Sophocles developed his own heroic personality. The sophoclean tragic hero is â€Å"one whose rigid and courageous loyalty to particular principles invites a disastrous fate† (Antigone Pg.14). Creon acting a classical tragic as well as Antigone, a sophoclean tragic heroes, both personify their personalities through their actions.   Ã‚  ...

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Literature Reflection Paper

James Kain wrote the essay â€Å"Why Literature† and from reading that, I got the various opinions about Literature from a Literature professor’s point of view. I really liked the quote â€Å"Students always ask why they have to read this stuff. I understand their position; they have been brought up in a culture that values eternal youth in a material world† (Kain). Throughout my years in school, I have never heard any teacher or professor that understands our pains and suffering of reading, analyzing and learning Literature. Literature class is not my best choice of a class but Prof. Kain made Literature fun and exciting for me.I am so happy that I got the chance to take his Literature class because he really made it fun for us. In the way that I see it, movies, stories and poems are all the same. One is on the screen and the other two are on paper. And they both have the same motive to express feelings, stories and problems. Throughout the essay by Mr. Kain, he wrote many things that really stood out to me. â€Å"The stuff of poetry, story and drama, written by a master of the language, helps us explore our own lives and destinies† (Kain). This quote really made me think about all of the wonderful works of words that we have read in this class.What this quote means is that certain stories, poems and types of drama makes me think of our own lives and what our dreams are. Another quote that really stood out to me is â€Å"The works of poets and storytellers differ from other writings because they expose questions, emotions, doubts and fears; they illuminate the writer’s inner life, and they vitalize our language – that is, they give life and meaning to words we normally take for granted† (Kain). When I read this, it reminded me of the poem that we read by Theodore Roethke My Papa’s Waltz. In that poem, the ordinary words that we would be using in our daily lives really came to life.That poem had a lot of i nner emotions from the poet’s personal life since it was about his father who he wished had a better relationship with. The third and final quote from this that I really liked was: â€Å"Writers of literature help us do this. They give us the story of their own struggle with this noisy, marvelous, frustrating God-blessed troublesome world. They show us views of life that we could never experience by ourselves† (Kain). Poets and authors give us another look on life with their works. We may have our own issues and problems but no everyone has the same problems as us.The problems that the poets and authors give us can be so much worse than what we are facing. Always remember that everyone has their own issues and problems and they are not the same as you. In my earlier paragraphs, I mentioned the poem by Theodore Roethke My Papa’s Waltz. I really liked this poem a lot because it was the type of poem that really stood out to you and you would never forget it. By rea ding the title alone, you would think that the poem would be a nice happy one but after the first stanza, that all changes. The words in that poem were not used in the ordinary way that we would use them in our daily lives.The one line from the poem: You beat time on my head with a palm caked hard by dirt, Then waltzed me off to bed still clinging to your shirt makes you think of the use of words that are in this stanza and what they mean in the context of the sentence. The short stories section of this class was not my best. I like to read stories but analyzing is not something that I can do at the top of my head. I really have to think about the story, plot and characters really deeply in order to finally come up with a conclusion on the analysis of the whole story. The one story that really got to me is The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe.This was the type of story that was so unreal and very disturbing. After reading the part about when the cat was making the noise inside the wall even though his owner killed him; it really sent chills down my spine. This is the type of story you can easily tell to people on Halloween and they would really spooked out. This type of story really let the emotions out to the reader. That is what I like about when I read certain stories and poems; I want the author or poet to expose emotions in the words so I can feel the same way as the author or poet feels.I am pretty sure that for everyone in the class, the movie The Dead Poet’s Society was by far the best thing that we have done in this class. The movie did a good job in expressing the types of freedom, wishes and desires for each of the characters. The tragic ending for one of the main characters Neal Perry was definitely an eye opening for everyone. I am sure that no one really expected that to happen. Neal had a lot of pressure from his father; going to a good school, getting the highest grades than anyone else and getting into Yale or Harvard. Neal wanted to be a f ree bird but it was his Dad that was holding him back.His main passion was acting and he still went on with it even though he knew of the consequences that would follow. This type of emotion made me think of me because I know I have a lot of pressure from my parents especially since I am a Nursing major and after getting my degree here at Neumann University, they want me to get my Masters and become a Nurse Practitioner. I feel like all students in high school and college get a lot of pressure from their parents and the main reason for that is that their parents love them and want what is best for them.This was the type of drama that really expressed emotions of every one of the characters and that is whole main idea of Literature. In conclusion, I really liked this Literature class and I am really happy that I got the chance to take it with Prof. James Kain. He really knows what Literature is and he really makes it fun for us students. Literature is not that bad; you can like many stories and poems if you like movies because basically movies are like the same as stories and poems. The only difference is that movies are on the screen, stories and poems are on paper.

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The Progressive Conservatives for the Ontario Government essays

The Progressive Conservatives for the Ontario Government essays It is, of course, important to vote but quite frankly all of the parties have large disadvantages and are being lead by people who are clearly incompetent. The Liberals Dalton McGinty often seems uncomfortable with the public and many of his policies seem ill conceived with little input from himself. Howard Hampton of the NDP seems to have some popular notions at face value but some tax payers are concerned that an NDP government would just create higher levels of debt and weaken our economic standing. The Ernie Eves conservative government has gone from problem to problem, putting out political fires on an on going basis, while always saying the wrong things and offending people. The Progressive Conservative government has shown, from their run with Ernie Eves, Mike Harris and others that they have trouble choosing the right person to represent them. However, in my opinion, the PC party itself, stands for and believes in the things that I feel are right like supporting business, re ducing welfare programs for those who dont need them, and reducing government interference. For these reasons, the progressive conservative government would be the party I would vote for. The Conservatives support businesses while the other parties place unfair burdens on them (raising minimum wage, taxing them much more). The other parties seem to keep forgetting that business is what keeps everything running because they are too busy thinking that businesses are out to take all the money they can. They believe that as the rich businesses get richer, the poor will get poorer. This is partly true, there are always going to be poorer people and the wealthier business people, but it works well - the greedy businesses make the jobs, the jobs that the lower or middle class people need to make a living. Instead of trying to hurt business, the Conservative party fully supports business, therefore supporting the economy, which even...

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World Lit Essay Example

World Lit Essay Example World Lit Essay World Lit Essay The discrepancy in appearance and reality is an important theme in several of the texts we have read. Discuss this theme as it is illustrated in two of the following works of literature: The Canterbury Tales; Hamlet (the play); A Simple Heart; The Death of Ivan Ilych. Incorporate some information about how each text reflects the characteristics of its literary period. Discrepancy in appearance and reality is one theme that is well illustrated in both books of Hamlet a simple heart and even in the literature entitled The Death of Ivan Ilych. Ivan     Ilyich as a person who want to be well up especially in the social ladder does all the struggle he could, only to realize he had to accept the true reality of life since death was a must and not optional. The gift of all his agony and struggle to make life more comfortable was a suffering cessation. The Ilyichs breakthrough turns out to be freedom that emerges with truth and realizes at the end that he has lived a life full of falsity and enables him to have a just very brief moment to show unselfish love to his children and wife since he had lived such a bad life of not having compassion to his deer wife and equally to his own child.   Ivan Ilyich had to accept the reality in life and regret about the life he had been living and recognizes that his only son was the one who had the truth humanity and lived the way life was supposed to be lived. From the book of a simple life, Felicità © being such a royal girl who was not selfish to give her love finds her life not as good as she opted. Her husband to be saw her not being fit enough to be associated to him as his wife and marries another girl. She dies with no children and even without her own property. The theme of discrepancy in appearance and reality is thus well illustrated since this girl being such good to anybody and even willing to give her love to anyone finds no appreciation from any of them up to the time of her death. Compare and contrast one Romantic poem with the Modernist poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. (The Romantic poets we have read are Wordsworth, Whitman, and Dickinson.) Remember that a successful comparison/contrast thesis is more than a statement that the two texts are both alike and different. You should state some insightful conclusion that can be arrived at through reading the texts side by side. The comparison   between the two works of literature is that they are both dramatic monologues with issues concerning   about romance and nature.   In both poems, the authors does not see any important thing that can make one to be more such happy and contented with life since the life seem to be having a lot of misery. Both authors in their literature seem to express their feelings and relation with space and time to be unappealing and thus they are unhappy with the situation. The authors further more offers prolonged interrogatives which are in a series form for consequences which are unanswered or taken action on. The language used in both poems and imagery are enacted with intensity that brings out the dramas to be with mental conflict. The conflict between these two poems is that in the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock the rhyme scheme is irregular even though not randomly where as in the poem of Wordsworth the rhyme is regular even though the dialect used is uncommon. The poem The World is Too Much with us also illustrates about industrial revolution of England whereas the poem of Prufrock is illustrates consciousness of a person who is modern and neurotic. Furthermore the poem of Prufrock is done  Ã‚   in such a way to express transitional links to be psychological and illogical     where as in the words worth poem is done in a way that express his anger about nature.

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Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Business Law - Essay Example The current generations of businesses have discovered secrets to achieving their goals, growing their organizations and keeping competition at bay. While growth and profit earning strategies were the main focus for many businesses in the past, the current trend is different. Businesses are targeting more than just earning high incomes and increasing their profits. They have discovered that they can achieve their visions and missions through confronting the existing social and environmental challenges, allowing the profit earning motive to be a secondary factor.Therefore, organizations are building their market share and growing their revenues through corporate social responsibility innovation. This entails innovating and applying powerful ways of addressing the existing social and environmental challenges (Hollender and Bill, 159). However, the application of social responsibility innovation to act as a marketing strategy, without championing for any social and environmental benefit, is harmful to an organizations brand. This is because; consumers have become more enlightened and aware of the application of charity and good-deeds as a marketing ploy by organizations. Therefore, the current generation of the consumer goes beyond looking at the billions pumped into the corporate citizenship programs, to look at the sustainability and the benefits obtainable by the society. There are various innovative corporate social responsibility techniques that are applied by organizations to achieve the sustainability of corporate citizenship.... This is vital to maintain strong drivers of the organization, who steers it towards its targets (Hollender and Bill, 70). Microsoft Corporation history, vision and mission This is a multinational corporation with its origin in the USA, dealing with a variety of products and services related to computers and computing (Harnick, n.p.). The company is ranked as the largest software maker in the world, based on software revenue collection, and the world’s most valuable company. In the â€Å"CR’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2012† (CR100), which gives the rank of the top 100 highly ranked socially responsible organizations, Microsoft Corporation was ranked as the third best (Harnick, n.p.). The company was founded in 1975 to develop interpreters for the then Altair 8800 microcomputer (Harnick, n.p.). However, the company eventually diversified into manufacturing into personal computer operating systems and software. According to the current standings, the company has d ominated the field of computer operating systems, office suite and online visual communication media (Harnick, n.p.). The mission of the company is to provided professional and value added services in the technology industry, with a high customer service and the interest of the customers in mind. Its vision is to build a customer service-based professional services consulting company, which will specialize in information technology consulting (Harnick, n.p.). Microsoft Corporation stakeholder analysis Stakeholders refer to the people or entities that are party to or affected in one way or the other by the operations of an organization. Microsoft Corporation has the founder,

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The Management and the Competitors of Sainsbury's Company Term Paper

The Management and the Competitors of Sainsbury's Company - Term Paper Example According to surveys, Sainsbury’s is one of the largely respected brands in the whole of Britain. Two young people- Mary Ann Staples and John James Sainsbury started the company in 1869. Their business was an instant success and more and more branches were added to their repertoire. Their business was based on the model of offering quality products at low prices. The company led much importance on the quality of products and organized thorough training of their staffs. In 1971, the company changed its name by eliminating the initial J and subsequently in 1973, it became a public company. Increase in competition led the company to open up diversified stores consisting of grocery items and other retail products. Sainsbury’s has cemented its position as a market leader by acquiring other chain stores and entering into newer markets like USA and Scotland. The introduction of self-label products also helped to increase the profitability of the corporation (J Sainsbury plc, n .d.). Sainsbury’s have succeeded in maintaining its position when all other family-owned businesses have fallen through with its dedicated management and innovative techniques. This augurs well for the prospect of the company. Sainsbury’s have entered the field of retail banking as well.   Sainsbury’s have chartered into international markets from its base in Britain. Therefore, it faces competition from different companies in the countries they operate. In the supermarket category in the UK, it faces tough competition from Tesco, Asda, and Safeway. Sainsbury’s operate in the US by holding the Shaw’s retail chain. It operates in New England in the US and the main competitors there are Ahold’s stop & shop and Hanford’s stop & save.