Thursday, September 26, 2019

Final Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Final - Research Paper Example The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students of Stanford University willing to create a web database that would help in listing webpages according to their requirements. Till date, Page and Brin hold 16 present of the total share of the company. The project was initially known as â€Å"BackRub† that used links to determine the importance of individual webpages. The company was incorporated as a private company in the year 1998 and was subsequently made public in the year 2004. The main mission of the company is to consolidate the world’s facts and figures and to make them universally available and accessible by the common people (1Google, n.d.). The rapid growth of the organisation is determined to be resulting from its continuous introduction of innovative products, procurement and cooperation outside Google’s basic search engine business. In addition, Google also provides online productivity software along with services such as email (Gmail) an official suite (Google Drive) and social networking sites such as Orkut and Goggle+. Furthermore, along with the mentioned products and services, Google also offers a wide range of desktop products like image editing and instant message service (Barr, 2013). It is worth mentioning that android considered to be one the most used mobile Operating Software (OS) is also owned by Google. The main objective of this paper is to provide a detailed evaluation showing the major reasons behind the rapid strides taken by Goggle in the IT industry. Additionally, it would also provide evidence and data that would reveal why the company is recognised as one of the world’s most secretive organisations (2Google, n.d.). Historical Performance of Google With the increasing internet users around the world, Google has become one of the most popular Information Technology (IT) based entities. Every individual who has been a regular under of Google tends to study the history on how the company w as established and what were the major reasons behind creating such a search engine that has unified every kind of vital information into a single place. The history of Google started in the year 1995. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were two individuals who met each other at University of Michigan, where both of them went to peruse their PhD degree in computer science. The idea of creating Google as a web page started in the year 1996 as a research project by Brin. In the year 1996, both Page and Brin collaborated to create a search engine which was first started by Page and named it as BackRub (3Google, n.d.). The website was developed in the same year and is believed to have operated on Stanford servers for more than a year. However, it has been viewed that the search engine eventually took up much bandwidth in comparison with other search engines available on the World Wide Web (WWW). Considering the growing issue of bandwidth as well as to convert the data gathered by BackRubâ€℠¢s web crawler assumed greater measure of importance for a given webpage. It was then when Page and Brin both developed the PageRank algorithm and realized that the platform can be used to build a search engine which could be far more superior to the entire users in the web. PageRank is a set of rules developed by Page that analyses the relevancy of the back links of a webpage and list them accordingly. The first version of Google webpage was launched in the

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