Monday, September 23, 2019

Women and Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Women and Leadership - Essay Example Women were first hindered by rules that made them under the shadows for years. Women were blocked by laws passed by the government that is why they cannot move smoothly in the society especially in the government posts (Eagly and Carli 3). However, this problem was given some actions through changing some laws but another problem evolved, the glass ceiling. This problem was long been a challenge to women in the workplace. Women were allowed to take posts however, they were not allowed to acquire higher posts (4). However, as the society moves toward modernity, the barriers against women also moved forward that concrete wall and glass ceiling were no longer the main problems but only parts of the bigger picture. Women now face the so-called â€Å"labyrinth† wherein the barriers are vague but there. These kinds of problems are collective and have higher effect on women’s improvement because the problems have chain reaction (Eagly and Carli 6). Women can now attain higher posts but the path to be taken is harder compared to men. Women are faced with more difficult standard than men because employers consider other factors compared to men who are applying for higher posts (8). These are the reasons why women take longer time to attain higher posts compared to men both in the workplace and in the government. The hindrances against women on acquiring leaderships still exist however, more research that disproves the high difference between men and women leadership characteristics are coming out. According to Eagly and Carli (47), the differences that people claim about the differences between men and women are just a show for hindering women in attaining higher positions. Eagly and Carli believe that women and men have only slight leadership skill differences and women are much capable of handling heavy positions in the society. On the other hand, Wilson (n.p.) strongly believes that women lead differently compared to men. Wilson’s book,

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