Friday, September 27, 2019

Nursing research Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nursing research - Assignment Example On the other hand Van Schoonhoven defines the concept as the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of the best current evidence which is available in the decision making process. The decisions made should be applicable to the individual patients; above all the optimality of the evidences is core (Herdman & NANDA International 2011). EBP helps nurses to make informed decisions on the quality of the services they offer, it is very crucial to base judgements and formulate decisions based on the use of EBP as compared to the traditional methods. By doing this it improves the health care system as it basically facilitates and ensures consistency in the decision making process. According to Prior, Wilkinson, and Neville (2010) the system helps nurses to make informed decisions based on an up to date technology, thereby ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the practice (Herdman & NANDA International 2011). EBP is the right channel towards achieving fully functional nursing services. Each of the techniques imparted on these nurses is a clear functional criterion which will spearhead the whole process of efficiency and effectiveness. Most times patients will have beneficial and improved outcomes where the EBP mechanism has been utilized which typically gives maximum results on different topologies in the practice. By doing this different preference of the individual and the entire society are addressed (Hoffmann, Bennet & Del Mar 2010). Prior, Wilkinson, and Neville (2010) quantitative analysis was the start incarnation to formulate a robust and quantitative question which was intended to provide a clear cut direction to the literature search. This study suggests that a strong question corresponds to the research technique, it also touches on; methods used for research, the interactions and the general outcomes of interests. It is also evident that there are three aspects of consideration; search of relevant evidence, the decision on whether the evidence is

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