Thursday, September 26, 2019

Preparing fast and healthy meals on the go Essay

Preparing fast and healthy meals on the go - Essay Example Likewise, eating even a hurried breakfast or other meals could also cannot give the full complement of nutrients to the body, with the energy draining out later in the day. In addition, skipping meals or having hurried meals could also lead to binge eating, as missed breakfast could lead to heavy lunch or even dinner to overcome the tiredness. â€Å"Youll either overdo your evening meal, taking in too many calories because youre famished, or youll run low on energy and patience, since your body isnt adequately fueled to manage a busy schedule.† (Ehrensberger, 2009). Thus, it is clear that fast paced life and inability to have food at appropriate times and in apt quantities could lead to major short-term as well as long-term problems, thus being a ‘recipe’ for nutritional disaster. â€Å"If your normal busy-day routine is to skip meals or just grab an empty-calorie snack, sooner or later youre sure to collide with nutrition disaster.† (Ehrensberger, 2009). Chances of ‘disaster’ can be averted or even minimized if one starts to prepare and quick and healthy meals on the go, which can provide the ‘fuel’ to keep on going, as well as fulfill the needed nutrients. Preparing fast and healthy meals particularly the breakfast on the go will go a long way in providing the necessary energy for the day. So, individuals living in the fast lane or husbands and wives who both have tight professional commitments, can try out various fast and healthy meals, instead of skipping the meals or consuming hurried ready-to-eat high calorie foods. There are sizable numbers of fast and healthy meals, which apart from providing the needed energy and nutrition, can surely satisfy their palates. People always go for tasty foods, more than healthy ones, and so these quick and healthy meals have to be tastier. One of the steps that can be taken to prepare fast and healthy meals is to buy and stock key healthy foods. â€Å"Pre-cut veggies, purchased hard boiled eggs, individual cartons

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