Friday, November 1, 2019

The Management and the Competitors of Sainsbury's Company Term Paper

The Management and the Competitors of Sainsbury's Company - Term Paper Example According to surveys, Sainsbury’s is one of the largely respected brands in the whole of Britain. Two young people- Mary Ann Staples and John James Sainsbury started the company in 1869. Their business was an instant success and more and more branches were added to their repertoire. Their business was based on the model of offering quality products at low prices. The company led much importance on the quality of products and organized thorough training of their staffs. In 1971, the company changed its name by eliminating the initial J and subsequently in 1973, it became a public company. Increase in competition led the company to open up diversified stores consisting of grocery items and other retail products. Sainsbury’s has cemented its position as a market leader by acquiring other chain stores and entering into newer markets like USA and Scotland. The introduction of self-label products also helped to increase the profitability of the corporation (J Sainsbury plc, n .d.). Sainsbury’s have succeeded in maintaining its position when all other family-owned businesses have fallen through with its dedicated management and innovative techniques. This augurs well for the prospect of the company. Sainsbury’s have entered the field of retail banking as well.   Sainsbury’s have chartered into international markets from its base in Britain. Therefore, it faces competition from different companies in the countries they operate. In the supermarket category in the UK, it faces tough competition from Tesco, Asda, and Safeway. Sainsbury’s operate in the US by holding the Shaw’s retail chain. It operates in New England in the US and the main competitors there are Ahold’s stop & shop and Hanford’s stop & save.

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