Thursday, November 21, 2019

How Disney Markets Nutrition to Children Research Paper

How Disney Markets Nutrition to Children - Research Paper Example Bob Chapek, the President appointed in September 2011, is responsible for the Disney Consumer Products (DCP) throughout the world. Furthermore, he oversees the Disney publishers and online shopping portals which is one of the largest of its kind in the world (Disney, 2012). In 2007, Jennifer Anopolsky, the Vice President of the company, announced that they are making changes in their nutritional products to remove added fats from the diets. Further, she said that it is their first move towards the commitment of a positive change in the long run (Disney, 2012). The paper will, thus, discuss the booming marketing strategies used by the company to promote their nutritional products among retail consumers. Discussion The first initiative Disney has taken is to include two experts: Dr. Keith Ayoob and Dr. Jim Hill. The former is the Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and the later is the Director of Human Nutrition Centre (Federal Trade Commission, 2007). They along with the compa ny’s experts introduced a dietary guideline that will provide health benefits to the people and children. The guideline included separate standards for main meals such as non-inclusion of snacks or dairy products, limited calories, sodium and sugar, and commitment to using zero grams added fat. Thus, the people around the world started feeling that the company is thinking about their health concerns such as obesity being one of the major problems. Furthermore, the company has implemented significant healthy options in their Disney Parks to attract children and families. Disney Parks and Resorts mostly consist of the Disney food products which are enjoyed by the families visiting those places. Therefore, the kid meals included standard ingredients that benefited the health of the children. Prior to the change, the default kids’ meal consisted of fries and soda compulsorily, whereas, at present, the compulsory inclusions will combine vegetables, fruits, juices and many m ore choices of healthier products (Bell & Winig, 2009). Snacks items by large are the most convenient consumable among the food items. However, it has been noticed that snacks have affected many people’s health who availed these items. The growing concern is that snacks items are available in each and every corner of a country due to its conveniences which are being consumed on a regular basis mostly by the office goers. Thus, Disney ensured that they include such varieties in their snacks portfolio which will be healthier and importantly will not increase obesity. Therefore, the company included large varieties of fruit carts and nutritious products such as nuts in their snacks. Furthermore, the company insisted on selling products directly to retailers. They created or designed products in their company but manufactured them through the licensing companies.

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