Wednesday, November 20, 2019

War is Kind by Stephen Crane Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

War is Kind by Stephen Crane - Essay Example The poem ‘War is Kind’ is the use of sarcasm approach of the author to sway the mind of the readers to be critical of the war showing the reality. This reflects that the author has made a sarcastic approach to define the destructive events of the war, such as; the sarcastic approach of writing the poem creates a sense of confusion and provokes the mind of the readers. The phrases the poems are emotionally heavy to appeal the attention and emotion of readers (Crane). It provides a real picture of human emotions, describing the condition of mother’s feeling at the time of the death of his son then ending the stanza with ‘War is Kind’ provokes the mind of the readers to critically think about consequences of the war (Crane). Crane make use of the figurative language in the poem to create a strong visualization among its readers, such as the author makes use of ‘Mother whose heart hung humble as a button, on the bright splendid shroud of your son, do not weep. War is kind† (Crane line 23). This shows that the author shares the pain of the mother’s heart and at the same time says War is kind (Crane). He makes use of ‘heart hung humble as a button’ to explain the feeling of a mother at the time of the death his son. In addition, the author has also related the courage of solider with the animal accordi ng to their glory and characteristics. The second stanza of the poem ‘glory’ is associated with the bird characteristics, as the phrases portray that glory fly, but the glory cannot fly (Crane). This creates a sense that the ‘glory’ is associated with a flying bird, such as a falcon or eagle. The metaphor is to associate the glory with the bird to demonstrate soldiers (Crane). The metaphor in the stanza of the poem relates more solid with the eagle, demonstrating their courage and fearlessness (Crane). The use of the different figures, body organs and number spontaneously creates strong visualization among the mind of the readers  (Crane).  

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