Wednesday, November 6, 2019

World Lit Essay Example

World Lit Essay Example World Lit Essay World Lit Essay The discrepancy in appearance and reality is an important theme in several of the texts we have read. Discuss this theme as it is illustrated in two of the following works of literature: The Canterbury Tales; Hamlet (the play); A Simple Heart; The Death of Ivan Ilych. Incorporate some information about how each text reflects the characteristics of its literary period. Discrepancy in appearance and reality is one theme that is well illustrated in both books of Hamlet a simple heart and even in the literature entitled The Death of Ivan Ilych. Ivan     Ilyich as a person who want to be well up especially in the social ladder does all the struggle he could, only to realize he had to accept the true reality of life since death was a must and not optional. The gift of all his agony and struggle to make life more comfortable was a suffering cessation. The Ilyichs breakthrough turns out to be freedom that emerges with truth and realizes at the end that he has lived a life full of falsity and enables him to have a just very brief moment to show unselfish love to his children and wife since he had lived such a bad life of not having compassion to his deer wife and equally to his own child.   Ivan Ilyich had to accept the reality in life and regret about the life he had been living and recognizes that his only son was the one who had the truth humanity and lived the way life was supposed to be lived. From the book of a simple life, Felicità © being such a royal girl who was not selfish to give her love finds her life not as good as she opted. Her husband to be saw her not being fit enough to be associated to him as his wife and marries another girl. She dies with no children and even without her own property. The theme of discrepancy in appearance and reality is thus well illustrated since this girl being such good to anybody and even willing to give her love to anyone finds no appreciation from any of them up to the time of her death. Compare and contrast one Romantic poem with the Modernist poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. (The Romantic poets we have read are Wordsworth, Whitman, and Dickinson.) Remember that a successful comparison/contrast thesis is more than a statement that the two texts are both alike and different. You should state some insightful conclusion that can be arrived at through reading the texts side by side. The comparison   between the two works of literature is that they are both dramatic monologues with issues concerning   about romance and nature.   In both poems, the authors does not see any important thing that can make one to be more such happy and contented with life since the life seem to be having a lot of misery. Both authors in their literature seem to express their feelings and relation with space and time to be unappealing and thus they are unhappy with the situation. The authors further more offers prolonged interrogatives which are in a series form for consequences which are unanswered or taken action on. The language used in both poems and imagery are enacted with intensity that brings out the dramas to be with mental conflict. The conflict between these two poems is that in the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock the rhyme scheme is irregular even though not randomly where as in the poem of Wordsworth the rhyme is regular even though the dialect used is uncommon. The poem The World is Too Much with us also illustrates about industrial revolution of England whereas the poem of Prufrock is illustrates consciousness of a person who is modern and neurotic. Furthermore the poem of Prufrock is done  Ã‚   in such a way to express transitional links to be psychological and illogical     where as in the words worth poem is done in a way that express his anger about nature.

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