Monday, November 4, 2019

Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Business Law - Essay Example The current generations of businesses have discovered secrets to achieving their goals, growing their organizations and keeping competition at bay. While growth and profit earning strategies were the main focus for many businesses in the past, the current trend is different. Businesses are targeting more than just earning high incomes and increasing their profits. They have discovered that they can achieve their visions and missions through confronting the existing social and environmental challenges, allowing the profit earning motive to be a secondary factor.Therefore, organizations are building their market share and growing their revenues through corporate social responsibility innovation. This entails innovating and applying powerful ways of addressing the existing social and environmental challenges (Hollender and Bill, 159). However, the application of social responsibility innovation to act as a marketing strategy, without championing for any social and environmental benefit, is harmful to an organizations brand. This is because; consumers have become more enlightened and aware of the application of charity and good-deeds as a marketing ploy by organizations. Therefore, the current generation of the consumer goes beyond looking at the billions pumped into the corporate citizenship programs, to look at the sustainability and the benefits obtainable by the society. There are various innovative corporate social responsibility techniques that are applied by organizations to achieve the sustainability of corporate citizenship.... This is vital to maintain strong drivers of the organization, who steers it towards its targets (Hollender and Bill, 70). Microsoft Corporation history, vision and mission This is a multinational corporation with its origin in the USA, dealing with a variety of products and services related to computers and computing (Harnick, n.p.). The company is ranked as the largest software maker in the world, based on software revenue collection, and the world’s most valuable company. In the â€Å"CR’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2012† (CR100), which gives the rank of the top 100 highly ranked socially responsible organizations, Microsoft Corporation was ranked as the third best (Harnick, n.p.). The company was founded in 1975 to develop interpreters for the then Altair 8800 microcomputer (Harnick, n.p.). However, the company eventually diversified into manufacturing into personal computer operating systems and software. According to the current standings, the company has d ominated the field of computer operating systems, office suite and online visual communication media (Harnick, n.p.). The mission of the company is to provided professional and value added services in the technology industry, with a high customer service and the interest of the customers in mind. Its vision is to build a customer service-based professional services consulting company, which will specialize in information technology consulting (Harnick, n.p.). Microsoft Corporation stakeholder analysis Stakeholders refer to the people or entities that are party to or affected in one way or the other by the operations of an organization. Microsoft Corporation has the founder,

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