Friday, November 8, 2019

The Progressive Conservatives for the Ontario Government essays

The Progressive Conservatives for the Ontario Government essays It is, of course, important to vote but quite frankly all of the parties have large disadvantages and are being lead by people who are clearly incompetent. The Liberals Dalton McGinty often seems uncomfortable with the public and many of his policies seem ill conceived with little input from himself. Howard Hampton of the NDP seems to have some popular notions at face value but some tax payers are concerned that an NDP government would just create higher levels of debt and weaken our economic standing. The Ernie Eves conservative government has gone from problem to problem, putting out political fires on an on going basis, while always saying the wrong things and offending people. The Progressive Conservative government has shown, from their run with Ernie Eves, Mike Harris and others that they have trouble choosing the right person to represent them. However, in my opinion, the PC party itself, stands for and believes in the things that I feel are right like supporting business, re ducing welfare programs for those who dont need them, and reducing government interference. For these reasons, the progressive conservative government would be the party I would vote for. The Conservatives support businesses while the other parties place unfair burdens on them (raising minimum wage, taxing them much more). The other parties seem to keep forgetting that business is what keeps everything running because they are too busy thinking that businesses are out to take all the money they can. They believe that as the rich businesses get richer, the poor will get poorer. This is partly true, there are always going to be poorer people and the wealthier business people, but it works well - the greedy businesses make the jobs, the jobs that the lower or middle class people need to make a living. Instead of trying to hurt business, the Conservative party fully supports business, therefore supporting the economy, which even...

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